Mr. Doodle

»the simple life of Mr. Doodle«, Episoden

»the simple life of Mr. Doodle« startete in 2008.
Die Hauptfigur wird in Alltagssituationen 
mit einfachen grafischen Mitteln dargestellt …
this is mr. doodle. he's quite a happy person. he lives with his dog Sniff and his cat Pee in a house near the sea.
even a simple life can be fun and adventurous. they'll show you...
mr. doodle loves to go for a walk with his brave little tigerduck Claw.
through all struggles of life one thing's for sure: wherever mr. doodle goes, Claw will follow...
mr. doodle remembered well what his mother told him when he was little.
"don't touch the cooktop" she said. so he never did.
but one day he touched the grill during a barbecue.
ever since he is very suspicious when it comes to grilling...
sniff loves to sleep outside in winter. christmas is near and mr. doodle makes his friend's home a special place...cuz that's what friends do, they make the world a special place for you to live in.
mr. doodle likes collecting stamps. 
every once in a while he takes a look into his stamp collection and picks a very special stamp to put on a letter to a very special friend...
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